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My Playstation Vita Collection
The Playstation Vita is one of my favorite consoles. And ever since i found it earlier this year i have picked up games for it whenever i have found a good deal. To keep track of the games that do exist for the console, aswell as the games i own, here is a list of all games that exist in physical format.
The blog/news is working!
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am told that the blog/news is working now, and so this will be the final test before i start posting some sensible shit finally.

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Track User Car Lap time
Tsukuba Andy Toyota Cardboard Box Street 1991 00.57.352
Tsukuba Andy Mojito Racing MR-1 Street 2021 01.07.662
Tsukuba Andy Jackfruit Jackfruit Street 2019 01.14.216
Tsukuba Andy Ford F350 Stair Truck Street 1969 01.28.328
Tsukuba Andy Lego City Race Car Track day 2022 00.52.096
Tsukuba Andy Lego McLaren Senna Street 2018 00.58.793
Tsukuba Andy Lego Audi Sport Quattro WRC 2020 01.00.013
Tsukuba Andy Lego Hot Rod #2 Street 1994 01.04.592
Tsukuba Andy Wonkersport Formula Wonk Street 2020 00.47.280
Tsukuba Andy Lego Hot Rod Street 2018 01.04.477