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Norwegian tracks for Assetto Corsa
Hello people on the internet. A while ago i made a video about Norwegian tracks for Assetto Corsa, but i thought it could also be useful to make a blogpost about them, so they are easily found both for myself if my content folder should ever be deleted, but also for anyone else interested in tracks located in Norway.
My Playstation Vita Collection
The Playstation Vita is one of my favorite consoles. And ever since i found it earlier this year i have picked up games for it whenever i have found a good deal. To keep track of the games that do exist for the console, aswell as the games i own, here is a list of all games that exist in physical format.

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Track User Car Lap time
Nordschleife Andy BMW i8 Street 2014 07.57.678
Nordschleife Andy Hyundai N Vision 74 Street 2022 07.41.534
Nordschleife Andy Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro Track day 2022 05.40.467
Nordschleife Andy Ferrari 296 GT3 2023 06.47.239
Nordschleife Andy Mercedes-Benz CLR GT1 1999 06.16.973
Nordschleife Andy Radical SR3 XXR Superlights 2023 07.03.085
Tsukuba Andy Toyota Cardboard Box Fictional 1991 00.57.352
Tsukuba Andy Lego City Race Car Fictional 2022 00.52.096
Tsukuba Andy Ford F350 Stair Truck Street 1969 01.28.328
Tsukuba Andy Mojito Racing MR-1 Fictional 2021 01.07.662