Norwegian tracks for Assetto Corsa

Hello people on the internet. A while ago i made a video about Norwegian tracks for Assetto Corsa, but i thought it could also be useful to make a blogpost about them, so they are easily found both for myself if my content folder should ever be deleted, but also for anyone else interested in tracks located in Norway.

This first draft will simply contain the names and links for the tracks i allready know about. But i will try to update this post as time goes on, and more tracks come to my attention.

If you see this, and want to contribute to my little list, please contact me at or on twitter @ruudracingyt.


Rudskogen: link
by Alen Pecanin and Dazzorm

Vålerbanen: link
by Legion

KNA Raceway: link
by Dazzorm

Arctic Circle Raceway: link
by Unknown

Verdal Motorsenter: link
by BroVeLa

Elvedalen Gokart: link
by Capzor

Lånkebanen Hell RX: link
by GabenHood

Real life stretches of road put into Assetto Corsa:

Trollstigen: link
by eivinboy